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Bring Digital Marketing Leadership To Any Project Or Team

Hi, I’m Carlton Smith, your new digital marketing consultant and expert! I’ve spent years building my knowledge and a strong foundation in all things digital marketing and now I’m helping companies in different industries and areas do the same.
Having experience in all facets of digital marketing means I can jump into any team and provide my insights into any project, keeping in mind the overall goals and ensuring precise execution. I’ve consulted for teams of all sizes, I’ve served in many different capacities from strategist to expert witness, and now I’m ready to help others do digital right.

Bring Digital Marketing Leadership To Any Project Or Team If you need help with anything digital, don’t hesitate to book a free consultation and hear directly from me on how I can work as a trusted partner to achieve your goals.

Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Digital Marketing World

Digital marketing is what I live and breathe. I’ve spent my career building my way up to executive level and have spent time developing skills and executing campaigns utilizing:
Plus, as a lifelong learner, I continue to educate myself in the top digital platforms to ensure I keep up with the latest trends and regulations in the digital world. In fact, I’ve even served as an expert witness in digital and social media marketing and have been quoted as a subject matter expert in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc.com, Chicago Tribune, and much more.

Professional Certifications

I’ve done all the hard work to know the digital marketing world inside and out. Instead of trying to bootstrap it yourself, let me use my skills to drive results for you.

Notable, Happy Clients From All Over The Country

Through two companies that I built from the ground up, Flagstone Search Marketing and Trial Law Digital, I have provided digital services for over 20 law firms as well as a portfolio of clients that has allowed me to flex my skills across disciplines:

Notable Clients

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If you’re ready to boost your awareness, ROI, sales, and more, it’s time to bring in a digital marketing expert. I am flexible to work within any team structure for as many hours as you need. I’m here and ready to tackle any digital challenges you need to solve!